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RIS citation export for TUPHA178: Abstracted Hardware and Middleware Access in Control Applications

AU - Killenberg, M.
AU - Czuba, K.
AU - Dworzanski, A.
AU - Heuer, M.
AU - Hierholzer, M.
AU - Iatrou, C.P.
AU - Kozak, T.
AU - Kuntzsch, M.
AU - Marsching, S.
AU - Petrosyan, L.P.
AU - Piotrowski, A.
AU - Prędki, P.
AU - Rahm, J.
AU - Schmidt, Ch.
AU - Shehzad, N.
AU - Steinbrück, R.
AU - Varghese, G.
AU - Viti, M.
ED - Schaa, Volker RW
TI - Abstracted Hardware and Middleware Access in Control Applications
J2 - Proc. of ICALEPCS2017, Barcelona, Spain, 8-13 October 2017
C1 - Barcelona, Spain
T2 - International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Control Systems
T3 - 16
LA - english
AB - Hardware access often brings implementation details into a control application, which are subsequently published to the control system. Experience at DESY has shown that it is beneficial for the software quality to use a high level of abstraction from the beginning of a project. Some hardware registers for instance can immediately be treated as process variables if an appropriate library is taking care of most of the error handling. Other parts of the hardware need an additional layer to match the abstraction level of the application. Like this development cycles can be shortened and the code is easier to read and maintain because the logic focuses on what is done, not how it is done. We present the abstraction concept we are using, which is not only unifying the access to hardware but also how process variables are published via the control system middleware.
CP - Geneva, Switzerland
SP - 840
EP - 845
KW - ion
KW - controls
KW - hardware
KW - interface
KW - device-server
DA - 2018/01
PY - 2018
SN - 978-3-95450-193-9
DO - 10.18429/JACoW-ICALEPCS2017-TUPHA178
UR - http://jacow.org/icalepcs2017/papers/tupha178.pdf
ER -