Author: Dai, X.L.
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Design and Prototyping of a New Synchronization System with Stability at Femtoseconds  
  • M. Liu, X.L. Dai, C.X. Yin
    SINAP, Shanghai, People's Republic of China
  We present the design and prototyping of a new synchronization system with high stability. Based on a continuous-wave laser, the RF reference and the timing events are transmitted along the same optical fiber at femtoseconds. Therefore, the system could reutilize the existing fiber optic network of the event timing system around large accelerator facilities. The phase drift of the signal is detected based on Michelson interference and is then compensated with optical methods. The dispersion drift is corrected by appropriative dispersion compensating fiber. The system design and the test results in the lab are demonstrated in the paper.  
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