Author: Emanov, F.A.
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THPHA048 New IT-Infrastructure of Accelerators at BINP 1474
  • P.B. Cheblakov, D. Bolkhovityanov, F.A. Emanov
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  In 2017 the Injection Complex at Budker Institute, Novosibirsk, Russia began to operate for its consumers - colliders VEPP-4 and VEPP-2000. For successful functioning of these installations is very important to ensure a stable operation of their control systems and IT-infrastructure. The given article is about new IT-infrastructures of three accelerators: Injection Complex, VEPP-2000 and VEPP-4. IT-infrastructure for accelerators consists of servers, network equipment and system software with 10-20 years life-cycle and timely support. The reasons to create IT-infrastructure with the same principles are costs minimization and simplification of support. The following points that underlie during designing are high availability, flexibility and low cost. First is achieved through redundancy of hardware - doubling of servers, disks and network interconnections. Flexibility is caused by extensive use of virtualization that allows easy migration from one hardware to another in case of fault and gives users an ability to use custom system environment. Low cost - from equipment unification and minimizing proprietary solutions  
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