Author: Haupt, D.
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TUPHA189 Automating Operation Statistics at PETRA-3 876
  • P. Duval, R. Bacher, H. Ehrlichmann, D. Haupt, M. Lomperski
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • J. Bobnar
    Cosylab, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  The quoted machine availability of a particle accelerator over some time range is usually hand-generated by a machine coordinator, who pores over archived operations parameters and logbook entries for the time period in question. When the machine is deemed unavailable for operations, 'blame' is typically assigned to one or more machine sub-systems. With a 'perfect' representation of all possible machine states and all possible fatal alarms it is possible to calculate machine availability and assign blame automatically and thereby remove any bias and uncertainty that might creep in when a human is involved. Any system which attempts to do this must nevertheless recognize the de-facto impossibility of achieving perfection and allow for 'corrections' by a machine coordinator. Such a system for automated availability statistics was recently presented* and we now report on results and improvements following a half year in operation at PETRA-3 and its accelerator chain.
* Duval, Lomperski, Ehrlichmann, and Bobar, "Automated Availability Statistics", Proceedings PCaPAC 2016.
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