Author: Hu, L.B.
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WEAPL03 Simulation of Cryogenic Process and Control of EAST Based on EPICS 1024
  • L.B. Hu, X.F. Lu, Q. Yu, Q.Y. Zhang, Z.W. Zhou, M. Zhuang
    ASIPP, Hefei, People's Republic of China
  • M.R. Clausen
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
The cryogenic system of Experiment Advance Superconductor Tokomak (EAST) is a large capacity system at both 4.5 and 80K levels at huge superconducting magnet system together with 80k thermal shields, complex of cryogenic pumps and small cryogenic users. The cryogenic system and their control are highly complex due to the large number of correlated variables on wide operation ranges. Due to the complexity of the system, dynamic simulations represent the only way to provide adequate data during transients and to validate complete cooldown scenarios in such complex interconnected systems. This paper presents the design of EAST cryogenic process and control simulator. The cryogenic process model is developed by the EcosimPro and CRYOLIB. The control system model is developed based on EPICS. The real-time communication between cryogenic process and control system is realized by OPC protocol. This simulator can be used for different purpose such as operator training, test of the new control strategies and the optimization of cryogenic system.
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THPHA060 Conceptual Design of the Cryogenic Control System of CFETR TF Coil Test Facility 1502
  • M. Zhuang, L.B. Hu, Z.G. Zhu
    ASIPP, Hefei, People's Republic of China
  Funding: The Key Fund for Outstanding Youth Talent of Anhui Educational Commission of China(NO. 2013SQRL099ZD)
China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR) is superconducting Tokamak device which is next-generation engineering reactor between ITER and DEMO. It is now being designed by China national integration design group. In the present design, its magnet system consists of 16 Toroidal Field (TF) coils, 6 Center Solenoid (CS) coils and 8 Poloidal Field (PF) coils. A helium refrigerator with an equivalent cooling capacity of 5kW at 4.5K for CFETR TF coil test facility is proposed. It can provide 3.7K & 4.5K supercritical helium for TF coil, 50K cold helium with a 10g/s flow rate for High Temperature superconducting (HTS) current leads and 50K cold helium with a cooling capacity of 1.5kW for thermal shield. This paper presents the conceptual design of cryogenic control system for CFETR TF coil test including of architecture, hardware design and software development.
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