Author: Jurisic, K.
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TUPHA129 Motion Control System for the European Spallation Source Target Wheel 717
  • D.P. Brodrick, T. Gahl, B. Gallese, K. Jurisic, M. Larsson, U. Odén, A. Sandström, K. Sjögreen
    ESS, Lund, Sweden
  The European Spallation Source (ESS) linear accelerator will deliver high energy proton bunches to tungsten sectors on a rotating Target Wheel, which will produce neutrons through a nuclear process. The motion control system of the Target Wheel presents engineering challenges, such as: velocity and phase stability requirements to precisely align individual tungsten sectors with proton bunches from the accelerator; a high moment of inertia due to the composition and distribution of mass on the wheel; limitations on the physical space to integrate control components, and components for associated safety systems; and, some components being exposed to a high radiation environment. The motion control system being prototyped employs components that satisfy the constraints on the physical space and radiation environment. Precise velocity and phasing of the Target Wheel are achieved by generating a series of pulses as each tungsten sector passes a fiducial point in the rotational cycle, and implementing a motion control algorithm to correctly synchronise the Target Wheel with reference signals from the centralised ESS timing system, which also controls the timing of the accelerator.  
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