Author: Kowalski, G.W.
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THPHA055 Status of the NSRC SOLARIS Control System 1492
  • W.T. Kitka, M.B. Burzynski, M.K. Fa'owski, P. Galuszka, K. Kedron, A. Kisiel, G.W. Kowalski, P. Kurdziel, M. Ostoja-Gajewski, P. Sagało, M.J. Stankiewicz, T. Szymocha, A.I. Wawrzyniak, K. Wawrzyniak, I.S. Zadworny
    Solaris National Synchrotron Radiation Centre, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland
  A National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS is a first synchrotron light source in Poland. SOLARIS consists of a linear accelerator , 1.5 GeV storage ring and 2 beamlines (PEEM and UARPES). The beamlines are in commissioning phase and should be ready for the first users in 2018. Additionally there are plans for a few next beamlines. The control system is based on Tango Controls. The system is fully operational. An archiving system uses HDB, TDB and HDB++ tools. PLC system consists of two parts: MPS (Machine Protection System) and PSS (Personal Safety System). The control system has been upgraded recently and it is constantly being improved to meet expectations of its users. The status of the SOLARIS Control System will be presented.  
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