Author: Lemaitre, E.     [Lemaître, E.]
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TUPHA016 Overview of the GANIL Control Systems for the Different Projects Around the Facility 406
  • E. Lécorché, D.J.C. Deroy, P. Gillette, C.H. Haquin, E. Lemaître, C.H. Patard, L. Philippe, R.J.F. Roze, D.T. Touchard
    GANIL, Caen, France
  The GANIL facility is drastically extending its possibilities with new projects, so increasing its capabilities in nuclear physics. The most significant one is the Spiral2 installation based on a linear accelerator, then to be associated with the S3, NFS and DESIR new experimental rooms. Beside of the legacy home made control system handling the original installation, Epics was chosen as the basic framework for these projects. First, some control system components were used during preliminary beam tests. In parallel, the whole architecture was designed while the organization for future operation started to be considered; also, more structured and sophisticated tools were developed and the first high level applications for the whole machine tuning started to be tested, jointly with the current onsite beam commissioning. Progression of the control system development is presented, from the first beam tests up to the whole Spiral2 commissioning. Then, according to the new projects to cope with, some highlights are given concerning the related organization as well as specific items and developments to be considered, taking benefit from the Spiral2 control system feedback experience.  
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