Author: Lueders, S.     [Lüders, S.]
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Control System Cybersecurity Workshop  
  • S. Lüders
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Today's accelerator and detector control systems do not differ significantly from the control systems used in industry or devices being part of the "Internet-of-Things"(IoT). Modern Information Technologies(IT) are commonly used, control systems are based more and more on common-of-the-shelf hardware/software(VME crates, PLCs, VxWorks, LynxOS, network switches, networked controls hardware, SCADA, commercial middleware, etc.) or Windows/Linux PCs. Furthermore, due to the academic freedom in the High Energy Physics community, control systems are produced in a wide, decentralized community, which leads to heterogeneous systems and often necessitates remote access. With this adoption of modern IT standards, control systems are also exposed to the inherent vulnerabilities of the corresponding hardware and software. The consequences of a security breach in an accelerator or detector control system might be severe, and attackers won't ignore HEP systems just because it's HEP. The series of (CS)2/HEP workshops is intended to share and discuss counter-measures, to review configuration and development procedures for secure control systems, and to review the progress since the last (CS)2/HEP workshop  
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