Author: Martins Ribeiro, T.
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THPHA176 Streaming Pool - Managing Long-Living Reactive Streams for Java 1837
  • A. Calia, K. Fuchsberger, M. Gabriel, M.A. Galilée, J.C. Garnier, G.H. Hemelsoet, M. Hostettler, M. Hruska, D. Jacquet, J. Makai, T. Martins Ribeiro, A. Stanisz
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  A common use case in accelerator control systems is subscribing to many properties and multiple devices and combine data from this. A new technology which got standardized during recent years in software industry are so-called reactive streams. Libraries implementing this standard provide a rich set of operators to manipulate, combine and subscribe to streams of data. However, the usual focus of such streaming libraries are applications in which those streams complete within a limited amount of time or collapse due to errors. On the other hand, in the case of a control systems we want to have those streams live for a very long time (ideally infinitely) and handle errors gracefully. In this paper we describe an approach which allows two reactive stream styles: ephemeral and long-living. This allows the developers to profit from both, the extensive features of reactive stream libraries and keeping the streams alive continuously. Further plans and ideas are also discussed.  
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