Author: Michel, P.
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THPHA027 Improvements of the ELBE Control System Infrastructure and SCADA Environment 1405
  • M. Justus, K.-W. Leege, P. Michel, A. Schamlott, R. Steinbrück
    HZDR, Dresden, Germany
  The ELBE Center for High-Power Radiation Sources is driven by a 35 MeV C.W. electron linear accelerator, driving diverse secondary beams, both electromagnetic radiation and particles. Its control system is based on PLCs, fast data acquisition systems and the industrial SCADA system WinCC. In the past five years, require-ments for availability and reliability increased, while at the same time many changes of the machine configuration and instrumentation needed to be handled. Improvements of the control system infrastructure concerning power supply, IT and systems monitoring have been realized and are still under way. Along with the latest WinCC upgrade, we implemented a more redundant SCADA infrastructure and continuously improved our standards for software development.  
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THPHA166 Control System Integration of a MicroTCA.4 Based Digital LLRF Using the ChimeraTK OPC UA Adapter 1811
  • R. Steinbrück, M. Kuntzsch, P. Michel
    HZDR, Dresden, Germany
  • M. Hierholzer, M. Killenberg, H. Schlarb
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • C.P. Iatrou, J. Rahm, L. Urbas
    TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany
  The superconducting linear electron accelerator ELBE at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is a versatile light source. It operates in continuous wave (CW) mode to provide a high average beam current. To fulfil the requirements for future high resolution experiments the analogue low level radio frequency control (LLRF) is currently replaced by a digital μTCA.4 based LLRF developed at DESY, Hamburg. Operation and parametrization is realized by a server application implemented by DESY using the ChimeraTK software framework. To interface the WinCC 7.3 based ELBE control system an OPC UA Adapter for ChimeraTK has been developed in cooperation with DESY and Technische Universität Dresden (TUD). The poster gives an overview of the collaborating parties, the variable mapping scheme used to represent LLRF data in the OPC UA server address space and integration experiences with different industrial OPC UA Clients like WinCC 7.3 and LabVIEW.  
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