Author: Ottmar, A.V.
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THPHA052 LIA-20 Control System Project 1485
  • G.A. Fatkin, A.O. Baluev, A.M. Batrakov, E.A. Bekhtenev, E.S. Kotov, Ya.M. Macheret, V.R. Mamkin, A.V. Ottmar, A. Panov, A.V. Pavlenko, A.N. Selivanov, P.A. Selivanov, A.I. Senchenko, S.S. Serednyakov, K.S. Shtro, S.R. Singatulin
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  • E.A. Bekhtenev, G.A. Fatkin, E.S. Kotov, A.V. Pavlenko, A.I. Senchenko, S.S. Serednyakov
    NSU, Novosibirsk, Russia
  The project of the control system of linear induction accelerator LIA-20 for radiography is presented in this paper. The accelerator is a complex pulsed machine designed to provide a series of three consecutive electron pulses with an energy up to 20 MeV, current 2 kA and lateral beam size less then 1 mm. To allow reliable operation of the whole complex, coordinated functioning of more then 700 devices must be guaranteed in time frames from milliseconds to several nanoseconds. Total number of control channels exceeds 6000. The control system is based on a variety of specially developed VME and CAN modules and crates. Tango program infrastructure is used. The first stage of commissioning will take place in the end of 2017 and will include launching 5 MeV version of the accelerator.  
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