Author: Park, J.S.
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TUPHA040 Development of Real-Time Data Publish and Subscribe System Based on Fast RTPS for Image Data Transmission 473
  • G.I. Kwon, J.S. Hong, T.G. Lee, W.R. Lee, J.S. Park, T.H. Tak
    NFRI, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  Funding: This work was supported by the Korean Ministry of Science ICT & Future Planning under the KSTAR project.
In fusion experiment, real-time network is essential to control plasma real-time network used to transfer the diagnostic data from diagnostic device and command data from PCS(Plasma Control System). Among the data, transmitting image data from diagnostic system to other system in real-time is difficult than other type of data. Because, image has larger data size than other type of data. To transmit the images, it need to have high throughput and best-effort property. And To transmit the data in real-time manner, the network need to has low-latency. RTPS(Real Time Publish Subscribe) is reliable and has Quality of Service properties to enable best effort protocol. In this paper, eProsima Fast RTPS was used to implement RTPS based real-time network. Fast RTPS has low latency, high throughput and enable to best-effort and reliable publish and subscribe communication for real-time application via standard Ethernet network. This paper evaluates Fast RTPS about suitability to real-time image data transmission system. To evaluate performance of Fast RTPS base system, Publisher system publish image data and multi subscriber system subscribe image data.
*, Control team, National Fusion Research Institute, Daejeon, South Korea
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