Author: Rauch, S.
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TUPHA092 Two Years of FAIR General Machine Timing - Experiences and Improvements 633
  • M. Kreider, R. Bär, D. Beck, A. Hahn, N. Kurz, C. Prados, S. Rauch, M. Reese, M. Zweig
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • M. Kreider
    Glyndŵr University, Wrexham, United Kingdom
  The FAIR General Machine Timing system has been in operation at GSI since 2015 and significant progress has been made in the last two years. The CRYRING accelerator was the first machine on campus operated with the new timing system and serves as a proving ground for new control system technology to this day. A White Rabbit (WR) network was set up, connecting parts of the existing facility. The Data Master was put under control of the LSA physics core. It was enhanced with a powerful schedule language and extensive research for delay bound analysis with network calculus was undertaken. Several form factors of Timing Receivers were improved, their hard and software now being in their second release and subject to a continuous series of automated long- and short-term tests in varying network scenarios. The final goal is time-synchronization of 2000-3000 nodes using the WR Precision-Time-Protocol distribution of TAI time stamps and synchronized command and control of FAIR equipment. Promising test results for scalability and accuracy were obtained when moving from temporary small lab setups to CRYRING's control system with more than 30 nodes connected over 3 layers of WR Switches.  
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