Author: Rommeluere, P.     [Rommeluère, P.]
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THPHA158 First Step to Manage Migration to Siemens S7-15XX PLCs using TANGO Framework 1776
  • P. Rommeluère, Y.-M. Abiven, A. Buteau, P. Monteiro
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • P. Betinelli-Deck
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • S.M. Minolli
    NEXEYA Systems, La Couronne, France
  Over the past years, SOLEIL* uses SIEMENS PLCs** as a standard for signal monitoring and security. SOLEIL is today thinking about a major upgrade of the facilities, and has to adapt its organization to face efficient operation and R&D. In this context, automation experts are now merged in a single group. In a middle term, migration from the existing 3XX series PLCs to the new 15XX series will be necessary. As the new 15XX series PLCs do not support Fetch/Write protocol anymore, a first step is the upgrade of TANGO*** PLCServer. This software device ensures data exchange with supervisory applications using TANGO infrastructure. It opens multiple TCP/IP connections to the PLC hardware, manages asynchronous communication to read/write PLC Datablocks and acts as a server for other clients. The upgrade of PLCServer is based on Snap7**** open source Ethernet communication suite for interfacing with Siemens PLCs using the S7 native protocol. This paper details the evolutions, performances and limitations of this new version of the PLCServer.
*French synchrotron light facility
**Programmable Logic Controller
***Toolkit for distributed control systems, supervisory and data acquisition (
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