Author: Saewert, A.L.
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THPHA110 Machine Protection System Research and Development for the Fermilab PIP-II Proton Linac 1643
  • A. Warner, L.R. Carmichael, B. Harrison, N. Liu, R. Neswold, A.L. Saewert, J.Y. Wu
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois, USA
  PIP-II is a high intensity proton linac being design to support a world-leading physics program at Fermilab. Initially it will provide high intensity beams for Fermilab's neutrino program with a future extension to other applications requiring an upgrade to CW linac operation (e.g. muon experiments). The machine is conceived to be 2 mA CW, 800 MeV H linac capable of working initially in a pulse (0.55 ms, 20 Hz) mode for injection into the existing Booster. The planned upgrade to CW operation implies that the total beam current and damage potential will be greater than in any present HEP hadron linac. To mitigate the primary technical risk and challenges associated PIP-II an integrated system test for the PIP-II front-end technology is being developed. As part of the R&D a robust machine protection system (MPS) is being designed. This paper describes the progress and challenges associated with the MPS.  
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