Author: Sanfelici, L.
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THPHA215 A Control Architecture Proposal for Sirius Beamlines 1947
  • M.A.L. Moraes, R.M. Caliari, R.R. Geraldes, G.B.Z.L. Moreno, J.R. Piton, L. Sanfelici, H.D. de Almeida
    LNLS, Campinas, Brazil
  With the increased performance provided by 4th generation synchrotron light sources, precise motion control and event synchronization are essential factors to ensure experiment resolution and performance. Many advanced beamline systems, such as a new high-dynamic double crystal monochromator (HD-DCM), are under development for Sirius, the new machine under construction in Brazil. Among the expected performance challenges in such applications, complex coordinated movements during flyscans/continuous scans, hardware synchronization for pump­-and-­probe experiments and active noise suppression are goals to be met. Two architectures are proposed to cover general-purpose and advanced applications. The HD-DCM controller was implemented in a MATLAB/Simulink environment, which is optimized for RCP. Hence, its software must be adapted to a more cost-effective platform. One candidate controller is the NI cRIO. The portability of both MATLAB and NI PXI, the present standard control platform at LNLS, codes to cRIO is evaluated in this paper. Control resolution, acquisition rates and other factors that might limit the performance of these advanced applications are also discussed.  
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