Author: Schlesselmann, G.
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MOAPL01 The Control System for the Linear Accelerator at the European XFEL: Status and First Experiences 1
  • T. Wilksen, A. Aghababyan, R. Bacher, P.K. Bartkiewicz, C. Behrens, T. Delfs, P. Duval, L. Fröhlich, W. Gerhardt, C. Gindler, O. Hensler, K. Hinsch, J.M. Jäger, R. Kammering, S. Karstensen, H. Kay, H. Kay, V. Kocharyan, A. Labudda, T. Limberg, S.M. Meykopff, A. Petrosyan, G. Petrosyan, L.P. Petrosyan, V. Petrosyan, P. Pototzki, K.R. Rehlich, G. Schlesselmann, E. Sombrowski, M. Staack, J. Szczesny, M. Walla, J. Wilgen, H. Wu
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  The European XFEL (E-XFEL) is a 3.4 km long X-ray Free-Electron Laser facility and consists of a superconducting, linear accelerator with initially three undulator beam lines. The construction and installation of the E-XFEL is being completed this year and commissioning is well underway. First photon beams are expected to be available for early users in the second half of 2017. This paper will focus on the control system parts for the linear accelerator with its more than 7 million parameters and highlight briefly its design and implementation. Namely the hardware framework based on the MicroTCA.4 standard, testing software concepts and components at real and virtual accelerator facilities and a well-established method for integrating high-level controls into the middle layer through a shot-synchronized data acquisition allowed for a rapid deployment and commissioning of the accelerator. Status and experiences from a technical and an operational point-of-view will be presented.  
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