Author: Schmid, E.
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MOCPL07 The Integrated Alarm System of the Alma Observatory 81
  • A. Caproni, E. Schmid
    ESO, Garching bei Muenchen, Germany
  ALMA is composed of many hardware and software systems each of which must be properly functioning to ensure the maximum efficiency. Operators in the control room, follow the operational state of the observatory by looking at a set of non-homogeneous panels. In case of problems, they have to find the reason by looking at the right panel, interpret the information and implement the counter-action that is time consuming so after an investigation, we started the development of an integrated alarm system that takes monitor point values and alarms from the monitored systems and presents alarms to operators in a coherent, efficient way. A monitored system has a hierarchical structure modeled with an acyclic graph whose nodes represent the components of the system. Each node digests monitor point values and alarms against a provided transfer function and sets its output as working or non nominal, taking into account the operational phase. The model can be mapped in a set of panels to increase operators' situation awareness and improve the efficiency of the facility.  
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