Author: Serra, N.
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THPHA096 ALBA Equipment Protection System, Current Status 1599
  • A. Rubio, G. Cuní, D. Fernández-Carreiras, S. Rubio-Manrique, N. Serra, J. Villanueva
    ALBA-CELLS Synchrotron, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain
  ALBA is the name of Barcelona's 3GeV Synchrotron Lightsource. In operation since 2012, it currently hosts experiments 24/7 in its 8 beamlines with 3 more in development. The aim of ALBA Equipment Protection System is to avoid damage of hardware by managing sets of permits and interlock signals. The EPS scope covers not only ALBA accelerators and its beamlines but also the accessory laboratories like RF, Optics, Vacuum, etc. It is built on B&R PLCs with CPUs installed in cabinets in ALBA service and experimental areas and a network of remote I/O modules installed in shielded boxes inside the tunnel and other irradiated zones. CPU's and Remote models are interconnected by the X2X field-bus. Signals managed by PLC's include interlocks, temperature readouts, flow-meters, flow-switches, thermo-switches, shutters, pneumatic actuators, fluorescence screens, etc. This paper describes the design and the architecture of the Equipment Protection System, the current status, the tools used by the EPS team and the recent improvements in terms of reaction time and interaction with other systems via Powerlink and fast interlock systems.  
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