Author: Ur, C.A.
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TUPHA057 The Control System for the ELI-NP Gamma Beam Delivery and Diagnostics 521
  • G. Chen, M. Ciubancan, C. Matei, A. Pappalardo, G. Suliman, C.A. Ur
    IFIN-HH, Bucharest - Magurele, Romania
  The high brilliance Gamma Beam System (GBS) at ELI-NP will deliver quasi-monochromatic gamma beams with a high spectral density (10, 000 photons/s/eV) and high degree of linear polarization (>95%). The Gamma Beam Delivery and Diagnostics (GBDD) of ELI-NP is implemented to deliver the gamma beams to the experimental setups and to monitor the characteristics of the beams. An EPICS control system is developed for the GBDD to support two main categories of equipment: i) equipment for the delivery of the gamma beam including vacuum systems, collimators, alignment platforms, and moveable beam dumps; ii) devices to be used during the operation of the GBS for diagnostics and monitoring including digitizers, power supplies, detectors, and profile system. High-level applications for the Gamma Beam diagnostics system are under development to complement the real-time measurements and monitoring including energy spread measurement, flux and polarization measurement, spatial profile monitor and time structure monitor. This paper describes all the aspects of the EPICS Control System for ELI-NP GBDD, including the hardware integration, network architecture, and high-level applications.  
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