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TUPHA031 The Alarm and Downtime Analysis Development in the TLS ion, operation, EPICS, power-supply 439
  • C.H. Kuo, H.H. Chen, H.C. Chen, S.J. Huang, J.A. Li, C.Y. Liao, M.-C. Lin, Y.K. Lin, Y.C. Liu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  TLS (Taiwan light Source) is a 1.5 GeV synchrotron light source at NSRRC which has been operating for users more than twenty year. There are many toolkits that are delivered to find out downtime responsibility and processing solution. New alarm system with EPICS interface is also applied in these toolkits to keep from machine fail of user time in advance. These toolkits are tested and modified in the TLS and enhance beam availability. The relative operation experiences will be migrated to TPS (Taiwan photon source) in the future after long term operation and big data statistic. These analysis and implement results of system will be reported in this conference.  
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TUSH101 Creating Interactive Web Pages for Non-Programmers ion, controls, interface, status 976
  • T. D'Ottavio, P.S. Dyer, G.J. Marr, S. Nemesure
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  Funding: Work supported by Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC under Contract No. DE-SC0012704 with the U.S. Department of Energy.
This paper describes a new web page creation system that allows web developers with limited programming experience to create interactive displays of control system data. Web pages can be created that display live control system data that updates in real-time, as well as data stored within our logging/archiving and database systems. Graphical, tabular, and textual displays are supported as well as standard interaction techniques via buttons, menus and tabs. The developer creates a web page using a custom web page builder. The builder presents a web page as a user-defined grid of tiled cells. The developer chooses the display style of each cell from a list of available cell types, then customizes its data content. Final polish can be applied using HTML and CSS. Specialized tools are available for creating mobile displays. This paper shows examples of the web pages created, and provides a summary of the experience of both the web developers and users.
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